Stay on top of billing changes with EncoderPro

What if there was a tool to help save your practice time and money, while increasing performance all in one? We have the solution for you, introducing EncoderPro. Learn more about what it is and how it can be utilized to support your practice.

EncoderPro allows your practice to stay ahead of the industry to avoid running into issues down the road. As medical billing and compliance becomes more complex, EncoderPro will help you navigate the landscape and make billing changes easier for everyone involved. EncoderPro includes search engine technology, procedure and service descriptions, as well as monthly updates to keep you up-to-date and on schedule. The assortments of features will provide your practice with long-lasting improvements that are sure to see results.


  • It’s easy to use, with multiple versions to help you find exactly what you need. See what version fits right for you, starting from the standard package, moving to professional, and ending with the expert version.
  • When using this application, you’ll be able to avoid errors and other obstacles that could create future issues. This tool ensures accurate reporting and functionality to reach reimbursement.
  • Lastly, there is a reduced need for storage space and physical resources. With many companies moving online, the tools we use will start to shift primarily online. Including the online shift is a decrease of physical assets that would be used for bookkeeping, documentation, etc.


Features Standard Professional Expert
NEW ICD-10-CM code content and search
Easily search and learn ICD-10-CM draft codes
x x x
ICD-10 Mapping/Data Tools
Identify the most clinically accurate ICD-10 codes quickly and easily using both CMS and Optum content
x x x
Codelogic search engine
Search across all three code sets simultaneously
x x x
Color Code edits x x x
Coders’ Desk Reference lay descriptions x x x
Deleted code crosswalk x x x
Automatic monthly updates x x x
Coding notes
Apply specific notes to your codes for each user, or across your organization
x x x
Complete code history x x x
Local coverage determinations (LCDs) and Medicare’s Pub. 100 access x x
Modifier crosswalk x x
Medicare CCI edits x x
Cross-coder relationships from 12 coding and billing specialty reference books x x
Customized print capabilities
Design your print options for the coding information you want to see
x x
Complete LCD/NCD policy view
Reference all of the local and national coverage guidelines in addition to the code edits for Part B policies issued by your carrier
x x
Enhanced compliance editor
Check your work by running selected codes through an edit check prior to submittal to a clearinghouse/vendor/payer. Includes an 18-month historical content database.
Fee Calculator
Calculate the adjusted Medicare reimbursement rate for your area.
Claims scrubbing and repair available x


Even if you understand code, EncoderPro takes your knowledge to the next level. With over a dozen volumes of search procedures and advanced search capabilities, it’s a game changer! As the medical industry evolves, you won’t want to fall behind.

To learn more about EncoderPro, visit our website and contact us. We’ll help you schedule an appointment to discuss the use of EncoderPro in your practice and how to use it. If you want to hear about any of our other services, including HIPAA compliance, IT support, or more, explore our services page. Have a great day!

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