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Modernized medical billing services. Get paid more, faster, with less work.

RevPro Healthcare Solutions offers practice specific medical billing solutions. We offer revenue management solutions that can reduce operational costs and increase your bottom-line. Our services are highly secure and we are thoroughly HIPAA compliant. The difference between working with us and a regular in-house biller is that we work round the clock and don't get paid till you do! Benefit from switching from a regular billing team to working with medical billing specialists!

RevPro Healthcare Solutions Helps You Maximize Cash Flow, Efficiency and Operations!

Selecting the ideal medical billing company is essential for the well-being and future of your practice. RevPro Healthcare Solutions understands your needs. When you place your medical billing with us, you can cut your overhead administrative costs which leads to faster, more efficient claims processing and reduction of denied claims.

This will save your practice time and will ultimately increase your cash flow.

RevPro Healthcare Solutions specializes in professional, efficient billing strategies for Pain Management, Physical Therapy, Urology Groups, Podiatry Groups, Orthopedic Groups, Multi-Specialty Groups, Chiropractic, Anesthesia, Surgical Centers and other physician provider groups throughout the United States.

Our state-of-the-art services along with our Electronic Processing, Healthcare Clearinghouse and Medical Billing Software integration solutions will modernize billing operations and reduce the more stressful aspects of physician practice management. This gives you the freedom to concentrate on doing what you do best. You can rely on RevPro Healthcare Solutions.

• Certified Coding.

• A/R Follow-Up with Outbound Calling & Statements.

• Data Management.

• Clearinghouse & Payment Solutions.

• Full Transparency with Reporting.


Dragon Medical Practice offers the fastest and smartest way for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers in practices to document care. Dragon Medical is the most widely used and successful speech recognition solution in practices around the country having been selected by more than 180,000 clinicians worldwide.

Dragon Medical Practice allows you to dictate medical findings directly into any Windows®- based EHR or windows application three times faster than most people type, with up to 99% accuracy. Using voice commands helps you to navigate quickly within an EHR to review test results, and/or dictate a prescription, create medical records, medical correspondence, or email messages. Dragon Medical Practice helps you elevate the quality of care while simultaneously making your practice more efficient and profitable. Plus, Dragon Medical Practice includes vocabularies that cover nearly 90 medical specialties and sub-specialties, and supports HIPAA compliance guidelines.

Efficiently navigate and dictate medical decision-making and treatment plans directly into a patient's electronic record. Dragon Medical Practice helps practices:

• Improve documentation.

• Eliminate transcription costs.

• Increase physician satisfaction.

• Enhance efficiency.

• Increase practice profitability.

• Dragon compatible devices are available for even better results.



Practice Management Integration

The American Medical Association has estimated that inefficient claims submission systems lead to about $210 billion annually in unnecessary costs. EMR/PM systems are designed to capture all of the data from a patient encounter necessary to obtain reimbursement for the services provided. The data is then used to:

• Apply payments and denials.

• Generate patient statements for any balance that is the patient’s responsibility.

• Generate business corresponde.

• Build databases for practice and referring physicians, payers, patient demographics and patient encounter transactions (i.e., date, diagnosis codes, procedure codes, amount charged, amount paid, date paid, billing messages, place and type of service codes, etc.)

Additionally, an EMR/PM system provides routine and specific reports so that an administrator can analyze the trends for a given practice and implement performance improvement strategies based on the findings. The administrator can then weigh services that aren't profitable against any negative impact on overall patient satisfaction. So, the PM system provides a means of analyzing payment performance.

PM systems also offer patient scheduling software that further increases the efficiency of the business aspects of a medical practice. And, PM systems offer an encoder to assist the coder in selecting and sequencing the correct diagnosis (International Classification of Diseases, Current revision, clinically modified for use in the United States, or ICD-XX-CM) and procedure (Current Procedural Terminology, fourth edition or CPT-4 and Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System or HCPCS) codes. Even when a physician determines the appropriate codes using a superbill, (a list of the common codes used in that practice along with the amount charged for each procedure), there are times when a diagnosis or procedure is not listed on the superbill and an encoder makes it efficient to do a search based on the main terms and select the best code.


Choosing the right software for your practice can significantly save your staff time and ultimately generate more revenue for you. To learn more about the top software companies, view the product brochures below:

• BASCONNECT™ (Connect) is the leading cloud-based medical billing software specifically designed for anesthesiology and pain management practices.

• ECLIPSE is used by over 7,000 Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Medical practices across the United States.

• HARRIS CARETRACKER: Automates time-consuming administrative tasks such as eligibility checks, scheduling, reminders, patient visit documentation and claims submission.


Software Flexibility

At RevPro Healthcare Solutions, we will work with the software system you prefer. We have years of experience with many practice management platforms and most Electronic Health Record platforms. Therefore there is no need to change your current software. Please note however, if you'd like to make a change, we're happy to recommend software platforms to fit your specialized practice needs.


EncoderPro can help you save time and money by automating administrative tasks and can help you navigate industry changes with ease. From ICD-10 mapping tools and supplemental modules to three different levels of encoder support, we offer a wide range of tools to help you stay current, compliant, and competitive.

Electronic processes help you:

• Save time and money

• Increase accuracy, which reduces denials and helps you get complete reimbursement

• Require less storage space and paper

• Simplify the transition to ICD-10, so you'll remain compliant


EncoderPro, the coder’s essential CPT, ICD-10-CM/PCS, ICD-9-CM, and HCPCS

Level II online code look-up software, offers fast, detailed search capabilities of over 20 volumes of procedure, service/supply, and diagnosis reference material and lay descriptions in real-time. Complimentary code updates let practices billing Medicare Part B and private payer's code confidently throughout the year with fewer rejected claims due to improper coding.

Features and Benefits

• Optum360 Edge-Powerful CodeLogic search engine technology. Keyword search across code sets (including ICD-10-CM and -PCS) simultaneously using up to four terms, acronyms, abbreviations, or even misspelled words.

• Optum360 Edge-Lay descriptions for procedures and HCPCS. Access comprehensive Coders' Desk Reference descriptions for thousands of procedures and services to enhance your understanding of CPT and HCPCS code differences.

• Optum360 Edge-Automatic monthly updates. Real-time application service delivers code changes before implementation and updates Medicare coverage information regularly for coding confidence.

Contact RevPro Now to Schedule an Appointment!

Call 561-578-8400, or email us at to see how we can help!


Running a medical practice has never been more challenging!

Many physicians and physician groups have come to clearly understand that their time is more effectively and profitably spent seeing patients rather than trying to micro-manage their practices. In addition, physician practice management continues to become more challenging every year. These physicians with independent medical practices want to maintain their practice style and individuality as well. As everyone knows, the demands of running a medical practice have changed. Advanced business knowledge is vital to providing superior service and achieving high performance. Staying on top of change in technology, payer policies, and patient expectations is critical - and it's essential also to know how you can benefit from the changes.

RevPro will provide full practice management consulting services on behalf of our clients and provide top notch practice management systems at competitive rates. Running a successful business takes the right combination of leveraging the correct technology and implementing appropriate processes. Identifying these needs is the outcome of a detailed analysis of any practice. RevPro consulting covers the following areas:

• Cost/Revenue Analysis

• Payer Contract and Reimbursement Audit

• Office Workflow Assessment

• Software Efficiency Assessment

• Accounts Receivables Review

• Compliance Evaluation

RevPro Healthcare Solutions can help you become a top performing practice without compromising your practice objectives. We provide unbiased, data-driven direction and get everyone in the practice working toward the same goals. Patients will receive the best in service; staff will be proud of where they work; and physicians will feel a sense of accomplishment. Our goal is to engage your team while providing the objective, data-driven analysis that can help you advance your practice.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)

HIPAA was created for national standards for how identifiable health information must be protected when transmitted electronically. The provisions outlined in HIPAA were created to ensure private information is securely transmitted by health plans, health care clearinghouses and health care providers.

In order to guarantee protection of patient information, an Enforcement Rule was put into place allowing for civil money penalties to be charged to these organizations for non-compliance. The law was expanded in 2013 under the HIPAA Omnibus Rule to require compliance by business associates and subcontractors. These entities can also be penalized when a breach of private information takes place.

If your practice or provider group has access to electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), it is recommended that you ensure that your group complies with the HIPAA regulations covering the security and privacy of confidential patient data.

Ultimately, every HIPAA violation can be traced back to the specific actions of a particular user: an employee, contractor or remote vendor involved in the collection, storage and transmission of sensitive healthcare data.

Unfortunately, most healthcare companies have no knowledge of what users are actually doing with this information once they access it, dramatically increasing the risk of data breaches and compliance violations.

How do I know if my practice could face HIPAA penalties?

Any entity covered under HIPAA can be held responsible for a breach of patient information regardless of their size or the types of services they provide. This means that your group or practice can be large or small and still face HIPAA penalties if you have a data breach.

The types of information that must be protected include patient identity data such as Social Security Numbers, date of birth and address. The Federal Government imposes monetary penalties on businesses who do not safeguard patient information.

Call or email RevPro now to begin the process of protecting your business from paying severe penalties. Our expert team is ready to help you start the process of becoming HIPAA compliant today!

Is it expensive to become HIPAA Compliant?

When considering the cost of HIPAA Compliance it is paramount to look at the potential savings from future fines that could be levied. For some organizations, the penalties imposed for non-compliance have been so serious that they were forced to go out of business.

Failure to comply with HIPAA regulations can result in substantial fines being issued and criminal charges and civil action lawsuits being filed should a breach of ePHI occur. There are also regulations you need to be aware of covering breach reporting to the OCR and the issuing of breach notifications to patients.

Ignorance of HIPAA regulations is not considered to be an acceptable defense by the Office for Civil Rights of the Department of Health and Human Services (OCR). The OCR will issue fines for non-compliance regardless of whether the violation was unintended or resulted from willful neglect.

The HIPAA Enforcement Rule governs the investigations that follow a breach of ePHI. The penalties that could be imposed on covered entities are significant. Covered entities should be aware of the following penalties:

• A violation attributable to ignorance can attract a fine of $100 - $50,000.

• A violation which occurred despite reasonable vigilance can attract a fine of $1,000 - $50,000.

• A violation due to willful neglect which is corrected within thirty days will attract a fine of between $10,000 and $50,000.

• A violation due to willful neglect which is not corrected within thirty days will attract the maximum fine of $50,000.

Under the latest HIPAA Enforcement Rule, there are four levels of penalties that can be imposed on businesses based on the level of liability determined after an investigation is conducted. The minimum penalty typically levied under the most serious category, the willful neglect category, starts at $50,000. The fines increase depending on the results of the investigation all the way up to the maximum penalty of $1.5 million. If an entity has been found to have multiple violations the penalties owed may be multiplied based on the number of infractions. It should also be noted that the penalties for willful neglect can also lead to criminal charges being filed. Civil lawsuits for damages can also be filed by victims of a breach.

The amount of the penalty imposed is determined by information gathered during the HIPAA Compliance Audit. The facts used to determine the amount owed are based on the types of HIPAA breaches that occurred.

RevPro provides HIPAA compliance consulting for a wide range of medical practices and medical specialty groups. We will first assess your specific needs and then create a plan to guide you through the process.

HIPAA compliance audits for the security of patient health information are ongoing and ever increasing. Protect your practice and ensure you're compliant with RevPro. Features include:

• Easy-to-use portal to manage your entire compliance program

• Risk Assessment tools

• HIPAA-compliant documentation and processes

• Online staff training

• Automatic generation of remediation plan

• Business Associate tracking & management tool



Medical Credentialing - Today's Patients Are Required to Use Insurance

It was only a decade or two ago that healthcare professionals considered medical credentialing, that is, the process of getting enrolled in an insurance company's preferred provider network, to be an optional step in building their medical practices.

Now, it's become essential for physicians and healthcare providers to be in network (AKA: "credentialed") with insurance companies. This is true, in part, because more people in the United States have health insurance than ever before. And, it's a requirement because people today expect that their healthcare providers accept their insurance. So, if you're not in network with a potential patient's health insurance plan, you may be at risk of losing that potential patient to a competing practice!

Let RevPro manage your credentialing process and take the burden off you and your staff. Having a physician's credentials lapse could have significant impacts on your incoming cash-flow and revenue. We can automate the entire process for you, letting you focus more on your patients.

Full Scope of Credentialing Services

RevPro can help you with: Adding/removing a provider, Contract status research, Insurance payer applications, Medicare re-validations, Medicaid re-enrollments, Hospital privileges/re-appointment, Address updates: Bank updates, and Credentialing maintenance.

Medical Credentialing Is Also Important for Growing a Practice

While important for the success of a clinical practice, "getting credentialed" on insurance panels is often an unwelcome distraction from providing quality care to patients. Enrollment applications can be 30+ pages long, and to ensure smooth processing there's a lot of necessary, time consuming, follow-up.

Our medical credentialing service exists to take the hassle out of getting "in network" with insurance panels.

RevPro Is Here To Help!

From signup to implementation our friendly, expert support team will make getting started easy and rewarding.



If you are having trouble managing the IT aspects of your office, RevPro can support your needs at any level.

• Data Hosting/Management

• Desktop Support

• Server Configurations

• Software Implementations, Set up and Training

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