Outsource And Grow Your Practice’s Revenue

Losing Revenue?

Are you like the tens of thousands of other physicians who are finding it tough to handle in-house medical billing?

If you handle your health care practice and medical billing on your own there’s a good chance that you might be losing revenue in an effort to balance both. Medical billing ultimately should be handled by specialized professionals who can concentrate specifically on billing.

Your core practice gets ignored with less quality time with patients when too much time is spent on coding and medical billing. In such a situation, outsourcing your medical billing to a professional medical billing service provider can take away the hassles and help grow your practice’s revenue.

Once you hire a medical billing company your billing process will be more streamlined and accurate resulting in increased revenue.

Medical billing coding is a time consuming process. Outsourcing it will free up enormous amounts of time, which cab be better used focusing on your patients


Responsibilities of a Medical Billing Specialist:
  • Collect all the information necessary to prepare insurance claims and bill patients.
  • Medical billing codes.
  • Enter patient demographic and insurance information into the medical claim software.
  • Interpret and process Explanation of Benefits.
  • Bill patients for their responsible portions.
  • Understand Copays, Coinsurance, & Deductibles.
  • Research, correct, and re-submit rejected and denied claims.
  • Prepare appeals to denied claims.


To learn more about how RevPro Healthcare Solutions medical billing services can help you make more money, limit overhead expenses, and make your practice more efficient, contact us below or call us at 561-578-8400.

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