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What is HIPAA Compliance?

Since the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was signed in 1996, it’s provided protection for the health information of millions of individuals in the United States. Through its documentation, you can be sure that your information is protected within the vast healthcare system. To teach you more about HIPAA compliance and why it’s so important, we wanted to highlight some important material regarding it.

The main purpose of HIPAA is to guarantee protection for sensitive health-related information that is currently processed in any healthcare network. Various types of data can be found in the healthcare industry, including health records and sensitive details like your name, birthday, and more. Without proper protection, businesses can face monetary penalties under the Enforcement Rule that was implemented later on. Luckily, any breach of HIPAA can be accurately traced back to the source, based on the employee, a contractor, a vendor, or other parties. This ensures the problem will be recorded at the correct source.

What could happen if a business is identified to have breached HIPAA compliance? Depending on the severity of the incident, fines can range from $100 – $50,000. The major factor that can determine the level of penalty is based on the level of liability and violations that were found after an investigation is conducted by the HIPAA Compliance Audit. Are you willing to take the risk, even if it could put your business in jeopardy?

Fortunately, our team here at RevPro Healthcare Solutions can provide consulting services to help you avoid unforeseen issues. Once we form a plan specifically crafted for your business, we can give you access to certain tools which will help you get a leg up. This includes risk assessments, online staff training, business associate tracking, and much more. Our guidance can help you avoid major fines that could impede your operations and force you to a standstill.

Are you interested in what we can offer? Be sure to visit our contact page to get started! We also provide several other services, such as automated billing, IT support, consulting, and others. Take the next step with us at your side to see your business grow to new heights!

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