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Choosing an ERM Software

Has your organization started utilizing electronic medical records (EMRs) in your facility? These records provide a new and improved digital format for recording and detailing patient information. We’ll review the benefits of using EMRs and how to choose the right software for you!

EMR systems can track and record important data which will be used for reimbursement procedures later on. This data can apply payments or denials, generate patient statements, generate business corresponde, and build separate databases in regards to payers and patient transactions. These systems will minimize unnecessary costs, which can help your organization and patients save money!

Similarly, an EMR system can provide a routine report that analyzes specific metrics. With the support of an administrator, these reports can identify areas of improvement, as well as certain trends for your facility. These areas may target departments lacking in profitability, or where patient satisfaction is lowest.

When it comes time to choose an EMR software, not every software will fit every business. There are multiple softwares for you to choose from. This includes:

  • BASCONNECTTM – A cloud-based software for anesthesiology and pain management.
  • ECLIPSE – Used by 7,000+ facilities in the United States, including therapy and more.
  • HARRIS CARETRACKER – Automates tasks, such as scheduling or documentation.

Every facility will prioritze different areas of service, so choosing the right software isn’t an easy decision. With our team, we can help you choose a software that best suits your organization. Our team has years of experience with different systems and electronic health record platforms. If you’re currently using a software, there’s no need to change, but we can offer support and extra information to have it fit your needs.

To check out some of our other services, such as billing services or dragon dictation, visit our services page. We offer multiple services specializing in the healthcare industry, covering new technology and rule changes that are crucial to be aware of. To maximize your operations, get in touch with us through our contact page and we’ll be sure to get back to you!

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