Tips For Choosing A Medical Billing Service For Your Podiatry Practice

When you’re seriously looking at cost-effective and revenue-maximizing medical billing services for your podiatry practice, the right medical billing services can help you maximize claims payments and keep your practice compliant. What you want is a medical billing service tailor-made for a podiatry practice like yours. A company like RevPro Healthcare Services, for instance, can help you accomplish your goals through aggressive collection practices, efficient and accurate execution of billing tasks, and current knowledge of documentation regulations. If you’re managing a podiatry practice that’s thinking of outsourcing billing services, there are three important things to consider

1. The billing service must completely understand podiatry guidelines.

First and foremost it is important to work with a company that is familiar with podiatric procedures and codes. When it comes to billing guidelines, for example, CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) does not budge an inch. Look for a medical billing company that has podiatry practices as existing clients. You will want to ask for a reference from a current client that is currently a podiatry practice. Be sure the company has certified, professional, and experienced medical coders and billers that will keep your practice compliant with HIPAA and OIG, as well as able to help you maximize payments and drive up revenue.

2. The billing service must be compatible with your EHR software.

For most clients, the top priority when hiring podiatry billing services professionals is to make sure they can help you make your practice’s operations more efficient. Therefore it is crucial that the billing service you hire is able to work with your current EMR software.

In order to achieve the long-term profitability and productivity of your practice is to work with a medical billing company knows how to manage your revenue cycle using the EHR you already have. Contracting medical billing professionals that know how to work with your EHR ensures that your office staff will not need to be re-trained. For your practice, that means your staff can keep doing business as usual.

3. Be sure to ask any and all critical questions of the billing services company you are considering.

We suggest that you prepare a list of questions when comparing podiatry billing services in order to make the best, and most informed decision.

Some questions you may want to ask medical billing services companies include:

  • What systems do you have in place to protect personal health information?
  • What is the monthly cost of your service, and what additional fees do you charge?
  • How many people will be assigned to my account?
  • How much experience does your personnel have working with podiatry practices?
  • How many other podiatry clients are you currently working with?
Choose RevPro Healthcare Services for Your Podiatry Billing Services.

RevPro Healthcare Services medical billing process is guaranteed to improve your collection percentages. We offer comprehensive billing, collections, and practice management services, and we over 20 years of experience working with podiatry practices. RevPro Healthcare Services can help your podiatry practice maximize claims payments, drive up revenue, and allow you dedicate more time to the care of your patients.

To learn more about our medical billing services, contact us online or call us at 561-578-8400.

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