RevPro Healthcare Solutions

Since joining RevPro Healthcare Solutions in 2005, Judith has been a key player in the company’s growth and success. With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Judith uses her impressive knowledge base and unique perspective to meet the individual needs of clients. Judith assists in the oversight of business development, client/vendor relations, and general day-to-day operations. Through communication with operational leadership within RevPro, she ensures seamless interaction between clients and personnel.

Judith has earned the well-respected accreditation of CHBME - a Certified Healthcare Billing & Management Executive. HBMA's CHBME Program certifies its participants as professionals who care about their industry and their performance within it. This rigorous program not only enhances the healthcare revenue cycle management industry's image within the wider healthcare community, but it also offers HBMA members an additional way to differentiate themselves from their peers, boosting their edge in this increasingly competitive field.

Judith is committed to being a forward-thinker in the healthcare and medical billing industries. She works directly with clients, insurance enrollment departments, billing platforms, and clearinghouses to ensure RevPro's providers are always actively enrolled. To that effort, she is committed to remaining in the forefront of the continuously evolving medical billing industry. Judith's work helps ensure the continued success of RevPro and its clients.

Judith’s particular style of management is essential to achieving one of RevPro’s primary missions, which is to consistently bring expertise and efficiency to every step of the medical billing cycle. Since Judith joined RevPro, the company has been able to grow significantly, while retaining its founding principal of offering conscientious medical billing with unmatched customer service.

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