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Simplifying Medical Credentialing

In the healthcare industry, medical credentialing has shifted from an option to a necessity for professionals. Nowadays, more than 90% of citizens have health insurance, but their insurance provider can vary. This encourages medical facilities to accept a range of health insurance plans that they have to be in communication with. On the contrary, that patient might find a new practice in the event that you can’t accept their insurance. With our team here at RevPro, we can streamline your credentialing services to lighten the burden and improve operations.

Why is being credentialed important?

Since many patients rely on their health insurance to support them, a practice can miss out on major business when they aren’t credentialed with the right insurance company. This will decrease cash flow and overall revenue, but we can assist you in ramping up credentialing!

Our credentialing services can be utilized for specific needs that your medical practice is dealing with. This begins with adding or removing providers for contract status research, reviewing insurance payer applications, and checking Medicare revalidations or Medicaid reenrollments. Similarly, we can overview hospital privileges or reappointments, assess address or bank updates, and finally, credentialing maintenance.

While trying to expand medical credentialing to more health insurance providers, the focus can become strenuous. When enrolling, applications can accumulate to 30 pages, not including future follow-ups that must be completed. With our services, we minimize the hassle for your practice so you can focus on the primary goal, quality patient care! Starting immediately when you sign up, our support team is available to support you during implementation and after. They will not only eliminate the amount of issues during setup, but they can be a worthwhile guide through the credentialing process that some practitioners might struggle with.

Ultimately, medical credentialing isn’t going away, and medical facilities will only need to adapt to it. With a packed schedule, that’s easier said than done! We recommend you reach out at any time to learn more about our credentialing services. On the other hand, we also offer services in other areas, such as HIPAA compliance, IT support, and more. Visit our contact page to get in touch with us and start the discussion!

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